healing-boobies-2by Dr. Keri Chiappino, DC DACNB BCN


As a chiropractic neurologist, neurofeedback practitioner and a certified yoga instructor, I am well aware of the power of the mind/body connection and its role in the healing process. More importantly, as a breast cancer “thriver” myself, I fully understand that regaining a sense of control after treatment is only possible when the emotional baggage left behind by the “Big C” is addressed.


There are many components to a breast cancer recovery plan. Diet and exercise of course play a key role.   Neurofeedback therapy helps clear the brain fog from the chemo treatments and regain a sense of clarity. Meditation, whether guided or silent, helps retrain the brain to stay in the present, important for healing as many survivors live in fear of the cancer returning. Yoga practices help to strengthen the body and can be tailored to a survivor’s needs. It is an ideal exercise for all levels and all ages that can be done with modifications.  Yoga is a combined body and mind exercise that brings the spirit into a place of well- being.  Breathing exercises can literally change the nervous system — certain techniques can calm the nervous system and cool the body down from the hot flashes and hormonal fluctuations which are often a side effect of the breast cancer medications.


In my own experience, I found that working on the emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of recovery empowered me and enabled me to “get my happy back.”   This became my mantra and my mission in life — to help others learn how to recapture their pre-cancer happiness.   Inspired by the success I had in ridding myself of my own toxic sludge of emotions, I created an online support program “Healing Boobies” (www.healingboobies.com) to motivate and inspire others.  Our forum is now a thriving active global community of 1700 survivors with a common bond — inspiring each other to “get their happy back” through the tough days and motivating each other to stay healthy.