Kelly Hoffman HHC offers the following tips to help combat blood sugar swings

  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners and low fat foods; the many hidden chemical compounds and unhealthy sugars in them can cause belly bloat, blood sugar swings and cravings.
  • Avoiding simple carbohydrates is another great way to be sure to avoid the spikes and crashes. Simple carbs such as rice, white potatoes, white bread and pastas almost immediately turn to sugars in the blood. (Think of white rice and how hungry you can be after only an hour after eating!)
  • Whole, uncracked grains are more beneficial to stabilizing blood sugars and your gut health. Substitute brown whole wheat flour for white flour; replace white sugar with to a coconut sugar which has a lower GI — it gives food a rich molasses taste without being too sweet.

Kelly recommends dark chocolate for an occasional treat. “I understand needing a chocolate fix at times. Dark chocolate (70% or higher) is very low in sugar and its rich taste can curb any craving you may be having.”


A holistic health coaching can help people with diabetes or prediabetes learn to curb cravings, stabilize blood sugars through restoring the gut and liver health and through the FFP mentality – fat, fiber and protein.  A coach will also provide recommendations for naturally sweet foods to help alleviate sweet tooth cravings and to provide satiety.   Contact Kelly to learn how she can help you successfully navigate the world of diabetes:; 631.356.4534.