Tips to Jump-Start You on Your New Lifestyle:
by Holistic Health Coach Kelly Hoffman, HHC

1. Find a lifestyle diet that seems reasonable to you and stick to it for two weeks — this can be paleo, vegan, ketosis, Mediterranean…the possibilities are endless. After two weeks on this eating plan, see how your body reacts to certain foods you would eat on a regular basis as you reintroduce them.

Committing to a lifestyle diet for a few weeks or even days at a time teaches you to become tuned-in to your body and what makes it sick and what makes it thrive.

2. Dealing with excess foods: All of those leftovers!!! What can you do so you are not tempted to eat leftover sweets for days on end?

  • Divide them up and give them out to family and friends.
  • Incorporate naturally sweet vegetables and fruits to curb that sweet craving and temptation. It helps to incorporate a small sweet a day to lessen the chance or overdoing it in one sitting or binging for a day.

3. Don’t start off at the gym 5-6 days a week. Yes I actually just said that! We are all very likely to hit boredom or burnout by starting out doing way too much in the exercise department.

  • Pick two days one week and three the next week, then two again, then three again.
  • On the days you are not running or at the gym, try a low-key activity at home or work such as yoga, stretching, push-ups, or planking. It’s easier to stick with workouts when they are always changing and are not tied to a strict routine.

Making these simple lifestyle resolutions means never again having to make the same old New Years’ resolution. You will already be where you want to be in your health journey. We can all use improvement in one or more areas of our lives, so those areas are things that we can “tune up” at the start of a new year.

Questions on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle for a healthy new year? Contact Kelly Hoffman, HHC directly at; 631.356.4534.