It’s Baseball Season ! Make Chiropractic Care a Priority for Your Young Athlete

baseball chiro
Baseball is officially here — as is spring soccer, lacrosse, track and golf season. Young athletes today have a wide choice of sports from which to choose, and many do play multiple sports year round. Fierce competition to be the best, to get that coveted scholarship or even hope for the major leagues pressures some young athletes to specialize at 13 or 14 years of age in one particular sport. Studies show that kids who specialize burn out quickly and are up to 93 percent more likely to be injured than those who play multiple sports.

Exercise fuels the body and brain, helping to pump new neurons for improved brain function. Encourage your child to try his/her hand at different sporting activities. Take steps to promote a fun and safe sporting experience by ensuring your child:

1. Wears proper equipment — make sure helmets, knee pads, chest protectors, etc. are functioning
properly and worn properly to prevent injury.
2. Eats well-balanced meals — following a healthy diet helps promote optimal performance.
3. Maintains a healthy weight.
4. Keeps hydrated — avoid sugary power drinks!
5. Takes high quality multivitamins (check out our nutraMetrix microsite).
6. Stretches out before and after exercise and games. Following a regular warm-up routine helps
stretch muscles, reducing the risk of injuries such as torn or ripped muscles.
7. Gets proper rest between games.
8. Follows a regular sleep routine, getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night to help your child
perform at his/her best (irritability and sluggishness can signal fatigue).

A chiropractic exam assesses imbalances in the spine, knees, shoulders and other areas of the musculoskeletal system, and can help in the recovery from sport injuries. If your child is involved with collision sports, make chiropractic care a part of your sports season wellness care. Should an injury arise, we have many non-drug therapies that can help facilitate rehabilitation to help get your teen or tween back on the field and ready to play. Remember, addressing injuries in the younger years helps prevent complaints due to “an old football injury” and other skeletal problems later on in life.

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