Natural Flu Fighters

flu fightersThe U.S. is experiencing a very active flu season this year, which has impacted most of the country. Having reached epidemic proportions, it is critical to take immediate precautions to protect the health of your family. Listed below are steps you can take to bolster your immune system naturally:

1. Firstly, and perhaps the easiest and most commonsense advice: be sure to wash hands frequently throughout the day. Before eating, of course, but anytime you come in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, i.e. shopping malls, doctors’ offices, mass transit systems, automated teller machines, etc. Making sure to wash up when returning home at the end of the day can significantly reduce the chance of catching the flu.

2. Give your body the rest it needs — aim for eight hours of sleep each night.

3. Eat an inflammatory diet — give up the junk food. A healthy diet decreases inflammation and your chance of being susceptible to flu and cold.

4. Get out for a few minutes of natural Vitamin D from the sun when possible.

5. Supplement daily — when natural sunlight isn’t possible during winter, supplement your diet with high quality Vitamin D supplements from reliable sources like nutraMetrix.

6. Keep hydrated — strive to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.

7. Eliminate toxins from your environment that poison the immune system. This means personal care and household cleaning products. Switch to essential oil alternatives. Diffuse essential oils at home, at work or in the car to help purify the air, or use your oils to create a natural hand sanitizer. (Check out the many benefits of our favorite, Thieves!)

8. Exercise — 30 minutes a day helps bolster the immune system and reduce stress that can weaken it.

9. Try acupuncture. Studies show acupuncture helps give your body the boost it needs to fight off illness. For those already suffering from flu or cold, acupuncture can reduce fever, chills, sore throat, body aches and helps in overall recovery time.

10. See your chiropractor — Regular chiropractic care helps to stimulate the responses of the immune and the nervous system to help you better fight off flu.

Let us help you enhance your body’s natural flu fighting abilities. Call our office to schedule your appointment or to stock up on supplements and essential oils.