I love using my essential oils for my family…are they safe to use on my pet?” is one of the most frequent questions we hear at the office.
dog young livingFrom shampoos, to pest repellents to ointments for minor irritations, Young Living’s line of Animal Scents essential oils are great for all sort of pets, whether they be furry or scaly, because they don’t contain harmful synthetic ingredients.  You pet’s size will determine the amount of oil that should be used and we do recommend that they be heavily diluted with water or a carrier oil and introduced in moderation.  As with anything new, be sure to carefully observe your pet’s response.   Of course, never use oils near an animal’s eyes or other delicate areas, and avoid “hot” oils like peppermint and wintergreen, as well as citrus oils for cats who can show sensitivity to these essentials oils.
Click here to check out the Animal Scents product line and then call us to discuss which oils are best for your furry friend. Helpful guidelines for use on your pet can be found on Young Living’s blog.