April 23-27, 2018

April 23-27th is the sixth annual celebration of Every Kid Healthy Week which shines a spotlight on efforts to promote health and wellness for our children. While the premise of the week is built on preventing obesity, we think it’s a good time to focus on the feeding the teen brain.


It’s common knowledge that fast foods are bad for the waist line, but studies show that these junk foods are also detrimental to brain health. During the teen years, key neurotransmitters systems in the brain responsible for inhibition and reward signaling are under development. Consuming a diet of high calorie, low nutritional quality foods may affect neurotransmitter development, “negatively impacting decision making, increasing reward-seeking behaviors and triggering poor eating habits into adulthood,” according to a newly published study.


With their promise of increased mental performance and endurance, energy drinks are extremely popular with the teen population and college athletes.  These drinks contain high levels of sugar and caffeine, as well as the amino acid taurine and guarana extracts,  two common energy drink stimulants.  Research has shown that high consumption of these drinks by adolescents may produce adverse effects on learning and memory and increased alcohol consumption in females.


For a natural energy drink for your family, consider pure fruit or veggie drinks that pack a nutritional punch. In our practice, we recommendningxia red NingXia Red, a nutritious blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils and “superfruits” including wolfberries, that help to support and maintain energy levels and calorie metabolism. (Learn more by clicking here, or call 631.265.1223).


Parents who model healthy food and drink choices to their young children can help establish positive eating habits that can carry through to the teen and young adult years (check out some brainy food ideas here).  Strive to make every bite (and sip) count!