Have you ever taken a close look at the labels on the cleaning products or personal care products you use?  Do you recognize the ingredients?   Did you know that most people are exposed to 300 chemicals before 8AM?
Forty two years ago, Congress passed the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA),  aka “Tosca,” to regulate chemicals and enable the EPA to keep records on chemicals produced by various industries. Tosca grandfathered in more than 60,000 chemicals already on the market — without any safety testing! To date, a little more than 200 chemicals out of more than 80,000 listed have been assessed, and of that number, only a handful have been banned or restricted. So, how safe are the ingredients in the products you use every day?

Like California and other states that have taken matters into their own hands and introduced stricter chemical controls, we need to take control over what we bring into our homes and use on our bodies to minimize our exposure to potential carcinogens.  Going green with essential oils cleaning and personal care products helps to protect your most precious asset – your health!

Check out my video to learn how to ditch the chemicals in your home and switch to safer, healthier alternatives. In our practice, we use Young Living’s Thieves multipurpose household cleaner.  Thieves is made of 100% plant and mineral-based ingredients, so you can confidently use the same product for cleaning your kitchen counters and scrubbing your floors!


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