Dr. Keri Chiappino: Declines in Heart Health Linked to Memory and Thinking IssuesConcerned about your risk of dementia? Better get serious about heart health. A new 20-year-study, currently the largest and longest of its kind, found that when heart health declines, thinking and memory also begin to fail. The study found 8% of healthy participants who experienced a heart attack or angina after 15 years of follow up also experienced significant cognitive declines. Patients with angina showed declines in temporal orientation, i.e. knowing the day of the week, and time; heart attack patients showed declines in verbal memory and language fluency. Researchers theorize that heart-linked damage to small brain vessels impede blood flow and oxygen to the brain, thus affecting cognition.

Reducing the risk of dementia requires a whole-body approach to mind/body wellness, starting with a heart healthy, low sodium diet, daily exercise and maintaining optimum weight, as well as minimizing stress levels. Did you know chiropractic care can bolster cardiovascular health? Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments impact the automatic nervous system, which directs heart rate, helping to lower blood pressure naturally, as well as reduce anxiety levels. Other research has found electroacupuncture to be beneficial for managing blood pressure for up to 6 weeks for people with hypertension.

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