Session 5

Today we try several new things in both the HeartMath part of the session and the neurofeedback part.

For HeartMath we do the rainbow game which is really fun because a rainbow appears, comes across the sky and descends into a pot of gold. If you remain in high coherence gold coins will appear in and around the pot. I want to break into “Somewhere over the Rainbow” but restrain myself.

We also do a game called the Mind Healer…. My coherence is in the midrange, not as often in the low as it has been, and somewhat in the the high range, better than before.

As for the neurofeedback portion, we try a puzzle game, PacMan, and more of the movie. The Puzzle Game is another way to retrain your brain to achieve a certain brain wave pattern and when this happens the puzzle pieces come together to create a picture which reveals itself at the end.

We also do PacMan which eats the dots when your brain is achieving the appropriate waves.
We continue with Moulin Rouge and after the session, I feel that we have really pushed my brain today….