Session 6

Two things of interest….

The first is that after the last session, my brain is a little fatigued. I have a slight setback in some of my symptoms. Although I am having difficulty paying attention to things and my mind is somewhat foggy, my sleep is still improved which is a big thing.

The second thing is my HeartMath. I do really well today. We do the Rainbow game and a new one, Healing Hands. Being a massage therapist, I love the way waves of healing colors burst forth from the hand when I am in high coherence, which I am in quite a lot of the time today.

I feel like I have an “Ah Ha” moment today with HeartMath. I realize that it is not just about achieving peace and calm that brings me into high coherence. It is about joy as well. It is a more active state of mind. Active peace is joy. This is a powerful notion to me and I wonder how to achieve this state more consistently.

PacMan again before Moulin Rouge. I notice I think way way too much about every little thing, every memory lapse, every sypmtom and it turns out from my QEEG results I have issues with obsessive thinking and rumination. Of course, I am writing a blog about my experience so I have to be somewhat attuned to changes but I am looking forward to these issues subsiding.