Session 7

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I started celebrating last night. My coherence was in the high range very little today while doing HeartMath. We tried a new game called the Balloon Game. My balloon didn’t soar very far and I was somewhat disappointed. I am beginning to really notice a difference in my HeartMath exercises when my diet is off. I have tested for food intolerances recently, but I have not been as conscientious as I should be in avoiding the foods I tested positive for. I am always trying to push the limit to see what happens.

We do Pacman before the movie and I am amazed at how little conscious control I have of making the PacMan eat the circles. I try opening my eyes wider and breathing more heavily, but it has no impact. It is not about the conscious mind. It is about training the brain unconsciously to achieve the appropriate waves so I have to sit back, relax and allow.

Onto Moulin Rouge. Nicole and Ewan are fighting the evil Duke to be together and I am wondering how much is left of the movie. My scores seem to be pretty consistent and I feel confident that even with my food issues I am progressing.