Session 8

Did Balloon game again today and this time my balloon discovered new lands and stayed in high coherence 71 % of the time. Even though my birthday was on Wednesday, I am not celebrating until Saturday. I have been conscious of my food intake so I can splurge this weekend. Perhaps this has something to do with my high coherence today.

Moulin Rouge again… beginning to notice little things, like when I watch Jeopardy, I am able to bring the answer (or question in this case) to consciousness a little more quickly…. very subtle really, but hopeful. Who knows? After my 30 sessions are complete, maybe I will be able to compete. I also notice very very subtle changes in my ability to recognize faces. I am not as anxious when someone from my past, that I am supposed to know, approaches. If these changes persist, they could make a very big difference in the day to day quality of my life.