Session 9

Ok… Today I want to talk about diet. I spent the weekend celebrating, eating and drinking more excessively than I am used to. My brain was foggy for my session and much of the improvement that I wrote about in the previous session was disrupted. I think it is important to talk about because poor diet is a catalyst for the episodes I experience, which at the worst bring on fainting spells and at the least are very uncomfortable experiences that inhibit my day to day life. It is one of the symptoms I am hoping neurofeedback will help me with.

I spent much of the HeartMath portion in low coherence, 94% of the time to be exact, after such a lovely showing last session. It was the balloon game again and my balloon just hovered. I wasn’t as present as I usually am.

The neurofeedback portion was ok as we continued the movie. It is not as easy to determine if I am off as it is with HeartMath. I am trying not to be too hard on myself and tomorrow is another day.