Session 10

I want to continue the discussion about diet. I think it is especially relevant for parents who have children with ADD, ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum and are doing BrainCore. It is really important to adhere to a good diet, particularly for children who are gluten intolerant or have severe food allergies. Not only can it alleviate symptoms and enhance the quality of their day to day lives, but there is evidence that children progress much more quickly in their treatment.

Indeed, my diet did catch up to me from the weekend and I had some of my episodes, poor sleep and a poor showing again in HeartMath. I want to receive the greatest benefit from this program so I strengthen my resolve to commit to a good diet. I was beginning to perceive some very positive results and I want to be clear about what is due to BrainCore, especially because I am writing about this experience and want to discover its full potential.