Session 12

I am beginning to notice an improvement in my word retrieval issue. It’s almost as though I see the word before I say it. The moment of blankness that I routinely experience is lasting a shorter time. I am also not having as much of a challenge sitting down and concentrating to write this blog. Before, I had to struggle to begin it. I couldn’t separate the details from the whole and now the anxiety around it is less.

My HeartMath day is not what I would have liked it to be. It started off well and then fizzled out. We tried a new one and Dr. Eissler suggested it didn’t hold my interest. I never thought about it but maybe she is right.

We began a new movie today. I am going to miss Moulin Rouge. I plan on getting it on Netflix so I can watch the whole thing without interruption. I chose Whale Rider. I have seen this movie twice as well and love it. It’s hard to believe that retraining the brain can be this enjoyable!