Session 13

Wednesday appointment today as I just got back from Maine and a visit with my family. My 88 year old Dad fell the second day I was there so we spent much of the time in the hospital. I scheduled Wednesday and Friday (my regular time) so that I would not miss my two appointments per week. I think it is extremely important to be as consistent as possible. It is an enormous time commitment and why not get the entire benefit?

Anyway, interestingly, my biggest challenge, aside from the stress of the hospital, is diet in Maine. Historically, I come back completely out of sorts both physically and mentally.

Just to give you an example: when we finally sprang Dad from the hospital just in time for a holiday cookout, the desserts alone included whoopee pies, dream bars, brownies, and key lime pie all made from scratch. This of course was on top of the martinis, the dips and chips, all cookout usuals like burgers and franks, and beer. This diet is enough to trigger my “episodes” big time but I only have a flicker of one when I get back.

Having said that, I came back, got back into a decent diet immediately, which in and of itself, is a challenge.

I will say my HeartMath today is a disaster. I do a Pot of Gold and my rainbow starts off quite well moving into the pot of gold and then it starts receding and nothing I do can stop it. No amount of breathing or trying to think of pleasant thoughts. I am very aggressive! My rainbow disappears altogether, signaling the lowest coherence. I guess those whoopee pies did have an effect after all. I take it all in good stride because the absence of my “episodes” feels directly related to BrainCore and I am deeply grateful.

Neurofeedback is great because I am watching Whale Rider and I just slip into the story that is so compelling.