Session 14

My best session ever! I had a massage directly before coming to the session and I am wondering if it relaxed me and oxygenated me more than usual because my Heartmath balloon sails all the way to the end. Never did that before! It just takes off and before I know it I am sailing past the pyramids of Egypt, Seattle, Washington and a lush Caribbean island. I am in the green, the highest coherence, for the whole time. I finish it well before the allotted time and I am told “Excellent You have reached the end.” I am jubilant!

My PacMan, in my opinion, still leaves something to be desired. I seem to get caught up around the far corner and the bottom. I try opening my eyes wider and sometimes I think that helps and maybe it puts my mind into a slightly more alert brain wave pattern. After all, I think that is what we are going for.

Neurofeedback also is more relaxed…More of the Whale Rider which touches my heart all the way through. I highly, highly recommend this movie.

I am finally letting go of my obsessive thoughts about performance. Do you think BrainCore is doing its magic?