Session 15

I finish my half way point today. I also finish the Whale Rider. The movie is very emotionally moving and I cry through most of the session today. Dr. Eissler and I wonder if this will have an impact on the type of brain waves produced, but it doesn’t seem to.

I have to admit I poured a little fire over my brain this weekend. It only serves to remind me how much influence food and alcohol have on the brain. My HeartMath is a bomb. I try the balloon game again. It just won’t go anywhere. And of course, I try and I try to force it with the breath and with my will and that doesn’t work at all. I had such a magnificent session on Friday. I wonder why I continue to push the limits of my diet, knowing the consequences. I am not giving up! I am so happy about the progress I am making. What is the saying? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

After the HeartMath result we try the puzzle game during the neurofeedback portion of the session. We had tried it early on but have not done it since. The pieces fall into place as your brain achieves the appropriate waves. It is very cool and I feel the pieces are falling into place much more quickly than early on. Dr. Eissler verifies that she likes what she is seeing as far as the brain waves are concerned, so my progress still is in forward motion. I am going to be a little kinder to myself and I am going to miss Pi from the Whale Rider. Next week a new movie…