Ok… So this is really my first session….

Dr. Eissler hooks me up to emWave. The first exercise is the Coherence Coach. This is an exercise to help me find an even breathing pattern and come into the highest coherence I am able to achieve. I actually did this exercise before at the BrainCore office in Lake Grove when they first opened. Even though it is not part of the neurofeedback program, it is one of the reasons I really wanted to do BrainCore. I wasn’t able to move out of the lowest coherence setting and it really made me question my ability to be in a balanced space. It got me thinking that there may be a relationship between this and my brain’s inability to stay focused.

So here I am following the ball up and down these hills, breathing in on the way up and exhaling on the way down. I’m still not getting very far in terms of coherence by the end, even though I have what I would consider a steady relaxed breath.

We do 15 minutes of the breathing exercise and then it is time to choose a movie from a fairly extensive collection. I choose Moulin Rouge. I have seen it several times and even though I am not usually a Nicole Kidman fan, I think she is fantastic in this movie and I absolutely adore Ewan McGregor.

So having chosen the movie, Dr. Eissler fits my sensors on the area of my brain that she will be monitoring according to the protocol that was chosen for me. In my case it will be my frontal brain on both sides. She measures my head to see where the sensors should be placed and uses a sticky glue to adhere them. She then places two more sensors on each ear lobe. By the way, it is completely painless and at no time, as I have said previously, is anything put into the brain.

So we are all set to go….