We are ready to begin the neurofeedback portion of the session, during which my brain’s waves will be trained to achieve a certain brain wave pattern. Dr. Eissler starts the movie and if my brain is creating the appropriate waves, the picture becomes lighter and the volume louder. I can tell this is not happening much of the time but it doesn’t interfere with my ability to enjoy the film. Meanwhile, Dr. Eissler is tracking the graph on the computer to see if the desired result is obtained. We spend 25 minutes watching the film and the session is complete.

Having completed the first session, Dr. Eissler takes off the sensors and wipes off the sticky glue. I am very pleased with the whole experience and can’t wait for my next treatment, imagining that each time will bring me closer to a razor sharp memory, improved facial recognition, and one less seizure-like episode.

She finishes me off with a cold laser on the areas of the brain where the sensors were placed. It increases circulation to help release endorphins that act as positive reinforcement, helping to produce a stronger and quicker effect of the training for the patient. It is an integral part of the BrainCore Therapy System and is completely non-invasive and painless. I like the way it feels; subtle yet smoothing. My first session complete, I am good to go.