Session 2

I come into the office today talking about Temple Grandin, one of my favorite people. She has autism and is a powerful speaker on the subject and has written several books. Through her work on slaughterhouses, she has had a huge impact on the quality of care that livestock receive, by designing a system that lessens their terror before death. There is a movie about her life, ” The Temple Grandin Story” with Claire Danes, which I highly recommend. The reason I am mentioning this is because, when we do emWave today, I start immediately in high coherence and am there 50% of the time. My heart rate is much steadier and lower and I think it is because I am feeling uplifted by our conversation about Temple.

After 15 minutes of emWave, we begin the neurofeedback. Moulin Rouge continues and we do 25 minutes more of the movie. I find myself very involved in the movie, not really noticing the difference between when it is lighter and darker. I even forget that I am in a session and am disappointed when it is time to finish. Apparently, the work that the brain is doing to achieve the appropriate patterns is done on an unconscious level and it is not essential to know exactly what is going on. This is somewhat difficult for me to accept, since I always want to know exactly how things work but I am committed to trusting the process. So far, I am enjoying it and look forward to my next session.