TLS Weight Loss System

Let Us Help You Hit Your Weight Goals in 2018!


Stop dieting. Start living. TLS Weight Loss Solution can help turn your goals into reality!

Get off the weight loss roller coaster and commit to a lifestyle program that will help you lose pounds and sustain a healthy weight. 

TLS is a comprehensive, clinically supervised program that is customized to fit your body’s personal needs, personality and commitment level. The unique lifestyle program helps you achieve optimum wellness through improved eating, stress reduction, supplementation and exercise. You’ll feast on nutritious and delicious low glycemic index foods that keep you satisfied throughout the day, and be supported every step of the way with weekly weight loss/wellness classes held on Wednesdays  in our Smithtown wellness office. The cost of the program is $299, excluding supplements and food, and participants receive 15% off all supplements for the program’s duration.

Whether you want to tighten your tummy, shed those unwanted pounds or simply feel more healthy, TLS can help you lose weight and keep it off for good.  The program begins January 1st and ends on February 21st, so call the office today to learn more and to register. 631.265.1223.