Chiropractic care facilitates the natural healing process in children.

Children’s Care

The reaction we often get when parents hear of children going to the chiropractor is, “a child getting adjusted – what for?” A child can derive numerous benefits from receiving early chiropractic care.

Chiropractors are trained to detect disturbances in the nervous system as well as structural anomalies. Using gentle non-forceful adjustments modified for each child, we can improve symptoms associated with a wide range of conditions.

Ear Infections

Many children suffer unnecessarily with chronic ear infections. Overuse of antibiotics leads to resistant strains of bacteria and the reoccurrence of the infections.

Very often, children who experience chronic ear infections have muscle tonicity issues in their upper neck. There are channels that run from the ear down the neck that help drain fluid from the ear. In cases where there is a blockage due to spasm, the fluid is unable to drain properly and pools, leaving the ear open to infection. Antibiotics can help clear the infection, but if the fluid is not drained, chances are a reinfection will occur.

Chiropractic Neurological care provides a natural, drug-free way to help recover from and prevent middle ear infections. By restoring the proper tone to the musculature, the ear can drain properly. Facilitating the drainage not only allows the body to attack the infection more efficiently, but also helps prevent painful relapses.

Immune Function

Disturbances in the nervous system, structural abnormalities, poor diet, and not enough sleep are some of the reasons children have poor immune function and are susceptible to chronic infections and illnesses. Nutritional and Chiropractic care can support and balance the immune system leading to greater overall health.


Asthma can be caused or exacerbated by poor posture, poor rib biomechanics, food allergies, and nutritional imbalances, as well as environmental causes. By determining food sensitivities and addressing diet and structural imbalances, many of your child’s symptoms can be alleviated. In addition, the body is able to combat the environmental factors to which it has been exposed.


Scoliosis can be linked to a brain deficit. The brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right and the left. An under-stimulated brain hemisphere represents an under-stimulated side of the body, creating a tug of war. The muscles on the stronger side pull the muscles from the weaker side over, distorting the spine. Chiropractic Neurological testing can determine the imbalances in the hemispheres and offer exercises and adjustments to stimulate and strengthen the weaker side, bringing the body into alignment.

Bed Wetting

When we fall asleep the brain is less metabolically active. In some cases the frontal brain, the part of the brain responsible for signaling the body to “hold it”, is not working optimally. Neurological work to strengthen and balance the frontal brain can assist in alleviating the bedwetting.

In other cases, Galant’s reflex is still present. Galant’s reflex is one of several primitive reflexes we are born with that typically disappears by the age of two. A retained Spinal Galant Reflex can cause bedwetting, as well as hyperactivity, difficulty staying in one place, and inattention. We utilize specialized Chiropractic techniques that aid in removing this reflex, allowing your child to hold urine throughout the night.

Growing Pains

It shouldn’t hurt to grow. Very often children have structural imbalances that create discomfort and deter them from enjoying the full range of their physical expression.

Don’t ignore them as they can lead to chronic problems in the future such as poor posture, sports related injuries, and decreased immune function.

Infantile Colic

Food allergies, such as dairy, are often the cause of prolonged, unexplained and inconsolable crying in babies under 3 months old for more than 3 hours per day, commonly referred to as colic. Blood testing can help determine any food sensitivities your baby may have. Based on the test results, we make dietary recommendations for your baby that will help improve his or her symptoms. Spinal manipulations can also help. In fact, a Scandinavian study revealed that Chiropractic care improved symptoms of colic in babies that were diagnosed with infantile colic.