Chiropractic Neurology helps correct imbalances in your child's brain without draugs or surgery.

Comments from parents


"'Samantha' was having trouble following the teacher's instructions and specific tasks. Her creative impulses superseded her ability to focus on routine tasks. She sometimes felt depressed and alienated. Through her sessions  with Dr. Chiappino we eventually saw a more positive, happy, and social Samantha exhibiting more compliant behavior. Samantha is still Samantha, not a different or zombie-like version of herself."
Parent of 8-year-old “Samantha”
"My son had a hard time focusing and paying attention. He was constantly being redirected by the teacher. We tried nutritional medication but found it difficult giving it to him. We were introduced to Dr. Chiappino through a friend. Within 2-3 months, we saw a dramatic improvement. 'Jamie' is doing great in his 4th grade inclusion class -- his teacher is so happy with the changes she's seen."
Parent of 8-year-old ADHD patient

Asperger's Syndrome

"Our son was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome/ADD. Social settings provided a lot of anxiety, oftentimes resulting in socially inappropriate behavior. Following his first visit with Dr. Keri, Michael was able to calm himself down and fall asleep quickly. He has very, very much improved hand/eye coordination that has always been poor in the past. We see a 100% difference, such a dramatic improvement."
Parent of 6-year-old “Michael”


"Our son 'Kieran' wasn't advancing in all areas. We tried changing his diet, various drugs, and vitamin supplements. There were some results with the dairy restrictions but none with wheat, and the medication did lessen his stimming. However, once he began working with Dr. Chiappino, we saw a gradual change that has helped increase his learning...he is becoming more functional as a person."
Parents of 8-year-old “Kieran” diagnosed with Autism

Chronic Ear Infections

"Our son suffered from chronic ear infections. We went through almost one year of office appointments with our pediatrician and continued ear infections. When we consulted an ENT, he immediately suggested tubes. Our son had two unexplained episodes of turning blue as an infant and we did not feel comfortable with anesthesia. We looked for an alternative answer and found Dr. Keri Chiappino. Our son's ear infections and need for antibiotics decreased immediately and there was no need for tubes. Within six months it became rare that he would get a red ear. Today, our son is no longer getting sick! For those who are curious about Chiropractic Neurological care I say just do it! Stop waiting, forget the stories that all they do is crack your back. Chiropractics improves your physical and mental well being!"
Meg S.


"I have been treated by Dr. Chiappino for Fibromyalgia for several years. My condition was impacting my life considerably, with constant pain and fatigue a part of my everyday life. In the 15 years since being diagnosed, I have tried every conceivable treatment to improve the quality of my life. A friend of mine recommended New Life Chiropractic to me about 7 years ago and being treated there on a regular basis has given me my life back.

Dr. Chiappino’s approach to my condition has been very conservative and holistic, recognizing my overall medical problems and heightened sensitivities to touch, medications and supplements. I am an RN and believe that traditional medicine and alternative therapies complement each other. When I started on my journey, I felt that vitamins and supplements might help minimize my pain and improve my energy level, but was concerned about choosing the right supplements, the right dosages and a reputable company to buy them from. Keri has changed all that. I am now on a regime of supplements, which, together with the chiropractic treatments, has helped me to feel better than I have in years. And the bonus for me is that I can take the liquid and isotonic supplements because I have difficulty swallowing pills.

New Life Chiropractic is not just a place to go for an adjustment and some supplements. There is a personal interest that I have not found anywhere else and Dr. Chiappino is always attending seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills.

About five years ago I had hip replacement surgery. The surgery and recuperation from that went very well, but everything else went wrong. I had a reaction to the blood transfusion I was given and was severely anemic and then, subsequently overreacted to almost every medication that was prescribed for me, which is not uncommon with Fibromyalgia. I was so weak that everything I did exhaust me, including eating…in short, I was a mess. Dr. Chiappino did blood work that was sent to a special lab and then reviewed the findings. She then set up a very stringent treatment plan for me based on the results and monitored my progress very carefully.

Today I can honestly say that I have not felt this good since being diagnosed with Fibro and it is very comforting to know that on those days when I am in a lot of pain, a trip to New Life Chiropractic is going to help me feel better."

Dolores S.


"I had pain in the back of my neck when I moved up and down. I've had these problems since the birth of my last child, seventeen years ago. Medication was no help, but with Dr. Chiappino's care, I noticed an improvement right away. I don't get up from the bed all bent down like before. My neck pain is gone! I recommend chiropractic care but most of all I recommend Dr. Chiappino!"


“I have been suffering from minor osteoporosis for several years. At one time I was about 5 feet 7 inches tall. I now stand about 5 foot 3, but the worst side effect I had from the osteoporosis was the excruciating pain. My doctor told me it was from stress fractures the past year. I had been on pain medication every 4 hours which was somewhat helpful but made me extremely tired. I decided to try acupuncture for pain relief and found that after about my second treatment I was able to cut down on the pain meds. By my fourth or fifth treatment, I was pretty much off medication. I am extremely happy to say I am on no pain medication thanks to my acupuncture treatments.”
Eve F.


"The Bomb Dot Com! All kidding aside I mean it. I've seen my fair share of chiropractors since the age of 12. New Life Wellness Center by far surpassed any of my expectations. Long story short -- I have a problem where my rib comes out of my spine time to time. The pain is excruciating -- you can't stand straight, you can't take a deep breath and let's forget about walking... I emailed the office for an emergency appointment and within the same day I got a response from Dr. Chiappino. I called the office to schedule an appointment for the next day. Immediately walking into the office you felt a sense of welcoming. The staff was so friendly and the vibe of the office was very peaceful. I sat with Dr. Chiappino and she addressed all my concerns. Within the hour I was up and mobile again. Dr. Chiappino is professional, extremely knowledgable, board certified and will be my chiropractor forever. If you can't tell, I highly recommend New Life Chiropractic/Wellness Center."
Justin D.
“Our son Howie was a very sick little boy. He has Cerebral Palsy, hydrocephalus and seizures. He cried all the time with pain in his stomach. He couldn’t gain weight and frequently lost weight, despite giving him over 2000 calories a day. He couldn’t sit up or hold his head up. He couldn’t focus on toys. Most of the time he just wanted to be held and cuddled while he cried. Howie was 9 years old when we met Dr. Chiappino. She did what no other doctor ever did. She checked for food allergies. Howie was allergic to almost every food we were giving him. We were horrified!! Now our son is sitting up with support. He holds his head up on his own and has a 10 word vocabulary. He’s always happy and babbles all the time. He is even making progress in his motor and visual skills at school. Since we changed his diet and Dr. Chiappino has been working with his muscles, all his therapists have noticed a big difference. We love Dr. Chiappino. She saved our son from a life of pain and misery. We could write pages on all she has done for him. Dr. Chiappino does not have wings, but she is our angel. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Chiappino.”
Cynthia and Joe R.

Prenatal care

“Thank you for all of your genuine care in your practice. The nutritional and pregnancy counseling/ care were so valuable along with figuring out my neck issue and you being able to continue care so well– perfect! Oh, and you diagnosed my casein allergy which had been an issue for years– IBS and skin problems– solved! Thank you!”
Tara R.
“During my pregnancy, I suffered from back pain. Tylenol did not help, nor did a visit to another chiropractor. A coworker recommended Dr. Chiappino to me. I was pleased with the compassionate nature of Dr. Chiappino and her staff. I had immediate relief from pain after just one visit and was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt after treatment. I wish I would have started sooner!”
Debra H.
“I had sciatica during my first pregnancy and a lot of discomfort in my next. Chiropractic care helped me within the first few visits. I found it highly beneficial and Dr. Chiappino worked with my changing body frame, tailoring the adjustments accordingly.”
Michele F.


"I was suffering from severe radiating neck and arm pain with nerve damage and muscle loss. I consulted a first-rate, well-respected neurosurgeon and was told that I had no choice but to have surgery that carried a high risk to my health and well being and that could cause damage in order to help heal me.

My fellow health care associates referred me to Dr. Chiappino because of her dramatic results with health problems. I owe my health and well being to these people and this branch of science. Without the need for high-risk surgery and intervention, I have experienced life-changing results not only with my initial healthcare issue but with other issues I had no idea chiropractic neurology could resolve.

To this day, surgery has not been required and I have experienced an amazing return to my state of good health.

For those who are seeking a natural route to healing and wellness, I would say always try chiropractic neurology first. This is healthcare on a personal, caring, and professional level. Everything is upfront and decisions are mutual, based on evidence, research and education concerning the presenting issue.

This branch of science/medicine has changed my direction in addressing healthcare issues forever. I would recommend anyone to try a more natural type of body healing such as Chiropractic Neurology one hundred percent."

Mark H.


"In 1971 I had a stroke. No matter how much therapy and exercise I did, I just could not get balanced physically, mentally, or emotionally. I had always been very athletic -- I needed a complete realignment desperately!

I tried various traditional medical treatments for my condition, including cryogenic surgery in 1974 which did not relieve much spasticity for me at all, and biofeedback in 1976 which loosened my spasticity for a short while. Physical therapy and occupational therapy always kept me moving. Several hours a day I swim at a health spa, do jazz dancing and play ping pong.

From the very beginning I have seen a chiropractor. What pleased me the most about my therapy plan at New Life Chiropractic was the absolute thoroughness and competency of care and treatment by all the staff. I have seen incredible results from the expertise of Dr. Chiappino. I can now handle loud noises much better. My focus, overall balance, and movement have improved by 100%. I feel so validated as a woman from Dr. Chiappino. This has helped my self-esteem immensely. Chiropractic Neurology has improved my life!

The doctor is guaranteed to fix whatever ails you. Their efficiency astounds me -- Chiropractic Neurology improves brainpower!"

Laura B.