“In 1971 I had a stroke. No matter how much therapy and exercise I did, I just could not get balanced physically, mentally, or emotionally. I had always been very athletic — I needed a complete realignment desperately!

I tried various traditional medical treatments for my condition, including cryogenic surgery in 1974 which did not relieve much spasticity for me at all, and biofeedback in 1976 which loosened my spasticity for a short while. Physical therapy and occupational therapy always kept me moving. Several hours a day I swim at a health spa, do jazz dancing and play ping pong.

From the very beginning I have seen a chiropractor. What pleased me the most about my therapy plan at New Life Chiropractic was the absolute thoroughness and competency of care and treatment by all the staff. I have seen incredible results from the expertise of Dr. Chiappino. I can now handle loud noises much better. My focus, overall balance, and movement have improved by 100%. I feel so validated as a woman from Dr. Chiappino. This has helped my self-esteem immensely. Chiropractic Neurology has improved my life!

The doctor is guaranteed to fix whatever ails you. Their efficiency astounds me — Chiropractic Neurology improves brainpower!”