“I have been treated by Dr. Chiappino for Fibromyalgia for several years. My condition was impacting my life considerably, with constant pain and fatigue a part of my everyday life. In the 15 years since being diagnosed, I have tried every conceivable treatment to improve the quality of my life. A friend of mine recommended New Life Chiropractic to me about 7 years ago and being treated there on a regular basis has given me my life back.

Dr. Chiappino’s approach to my condition has been very conservative and holistic, recognizing my overall medical problems and heightened sensitivities to touch, medications and supplements. I am an RN and believe that traditional medicine and alternative therapies complement each other. When I started on my journey, I felt that vitamins and supplements might help minimize my pain and improve my energy level, but was concerned about choosing the right supplements, the right dosages and a reputable company to buy them from. Keri has changed all that. I am now on a regime of supplements, which, together with the chiropractic treatments, has helped me to feel better than I have in years. And the bonus for me is that I can take the liquid and isotonic supplements because I have difficulty swallowing pills.

New Life Chiropractic is not just a place to go for an adjustment and some supplements. There is a personal interest that I have not found anywhere else and Dr. Chiappino is always attending seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills.

About five years ago I had hip replacement surgery. The surgery and recuperation from that went very well, but everything else went wrong. I had a reaction to the blood transfusion I was given and was severely anemic and then, subsequently overreacted to almost every medication that was prescribed for me, which is not uncommon with Fibromyalgia. I was so weak that everything I did exhaust me, including eating…in short, I was a mess. Dr. Chiappino did blood work that was sent to a special lab and then reviewed the findings. She then set up a very stringent treatment plan for me based on the results and monitored my progress very carefully.

Today I can honestly say that I have not felt this good since being diagnosed with Fibro and it is very comforting to know that on those days when I am in a lot of pain, a trip to New Life Chiropractic is going to help me feel better.”