“The Bomb Dot Com! All kidding aside I mean it. I’ve seen my fair share of chiropractors since the age of 12. New Life Wellness Center by far surpassed any of my expectations. Long story short — I have a problem where my rib comes out of my spine time to time. The pain is excruciating — you can’t stand straight, you can’t take a deep breath and let’s forget about walking… I emailed the office for an emergency appointment and within the same day I got a response from Dr. Chiappino. I called the office to schedule an appointment for the next day. Immediately walking into the office you felt a sense of welcoming. The staff was so friendly and the vibe of the office was very peaceful. I sat with Dr. Chiappino and she addressed all my concerns. Within the hour I was up and mobile again. Dr. Chiappino is professional, extremely knowledgable, board certified and will be my chiropractor forever. If you can’t tell, I highly recommend New Life Chiropractic/Wellness Center.”