“I was suffering from severe radiating neck and arm pain with nerve damage and muscle loss. I consulted a first-rate, well-respected neurosurgeon and was told that I had no choice but to have surgery that carried a high risk to my health and well being and that could cause damage in order to help heal me.

My fellow health care associates referred me to Dr. Chiappino because of her dramatic results with health problems. I owe my health and well being to these people and this branch of science. Without the need for high-risk surgery and intervention, I have experienced life-changing results not only with my initial healthcare issue but with other issues I had no idea chiropractic neurology could resolve.

To this day, surgery has not been required and I have experienced an amazing return to my state of good health.

For those who are seeking a natural route to healing and wellness, I would say always try chiropractic neurology first. This is healthcare on a personal, caring, and professional level. Everything is upfront and decisions are mutual, based on evidence, research and education concerning the presenting issue.

This branch of science/medicine has changed my direction in addressing healthcare issues forever. I would recommend anyone to try a more natural type of body healing such as Chiropractic Neurology one hundred percent.”